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Magic Treasure

What Included?

160,000 VNĐ

Let me tell you the origin of Magic Treasure. This game revolves around a story about a man who finds an ancient mathematics book in a tomb adventure.As a mathematics lover and having a passion for exploring mysteries, he is attracted to strange symbols in the book and longs to find out the myth behind by following encryption instructions given.


The deck consists of 81 cards varying in 4 features
– Color: red, yellow, or blue

– Number: one, two, or three

– Shape: triangle, square, or circle

– Shading: open, solid, or checkered

Any card in the deck has all 4 features mentioned above. Each card is unique and different from any other card in the deck.


The object of the game is to identify a set of 3 cards in which each of the cards’ features are the same on each card  (with a maximum of 3 same features: color, number, shape, shading) or are different on each card (with a maximum of 4 different features)

The following are all the cases of a set:

  • The set has 4 different features
  • The set has 3 different and 1 same features (for example, different in color, shading and number but same in shape)
  • The set has 2 different and 2 same features (for example, different in color and shading but same in number and shape)
  • The set has 1 different and 3 same features (for example, different in color but same in number, shading and shape)


* Easy level: FIND THE SUITABLE CARD ( multiple choice game, for beginner players) The dealer chooses a set . Lay 2 cards of the set face up and mix the last card with 5 random cards.  Lay all the 6 cards face up right below the first 2 cards and let the players find the correct card . This is a multiple choice game: choose 1 out of 6 options.

* Advanced level: FIND THE LAST CARD

The dealer draws 2 random cards in the deck and ask players in turn what features the last card must have to make a set . The players have to tell the 4 features of the card. The game played in this way does not have a winner or a loser, but this is a springboard for more complicated ways of playing.

* High-advanced level: FAST HANDS, QUICK EYES

The dealer shuffles the cards and lays 12 face up on the table with players around.The player who finds out the set as described above must call “SET” and pick up the 3 cards of the set within 10 seconds. If the set is incorrect, he/she loses one set which is found out before (if any).If the player calls “SET” but does not have one, he/ she loses one turn.

The winner is the first to have 3 sets (i.e. 9 cards).

There are so many other interesting ways to play the games that you can find out in the instruction booklet or you as players can create your own way of playing.

The game MAGIC TREASURE develops logical thinking, and is suitable for all children above 6 as well as adults, anyone who loves brain training games.

May you and your family have fun and a wonderful experience with this game.


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