TIEN DONG Toys Co. Ltd was established in Aug 2015, we specialize in intellectual development toys for all ages. All the products are designed and published by our company. From the desire that our own children and other children can less study in theory but more play games which still help them to develop essential skills, we establish this company to make the desire become real. We have a great hope to create the intellectual products, which can offer people the tools to open the creative thinking, logical thinking, and stimulate the imagination; use to brainstorm, etc. for especially children – the future generation who need to learn and improve the intelligence.

In a word, we would like to invent such games as tools

–         Tools to relax

–         Tools to connect family’s member, friend

–         Tools to educate children essential skills
Please see the video clip below to know more about our company


All our products must comply with the three core values as below
1. Educational: each game must be for practicing living skill for children, each of game brings up message in education.
2. Creative: we invent the brand new game by our own designer with Vietnamese style.
3. Safe: is a must criterion for any product by Tien Dong Company. The product is for children so they must definitely safe.



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